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Why I need to travel a lot ?

  • I love to see the other side of the world - Seeing is believing ! I dont want to just read it from the textbook right?
  • I want to fill in the empty spaces - As a human being , I am not perfect.
  • Food hunting - I am a picky eater , I only eat what i want with the amount that i want ! So my goal is to try out food from the other places with a mindset of “this will be the first and the last i ate this” but unfortunately i will end up eating the unfamiliar food again because it tasted good :) well at least , some of it.
  • Making friends - Especially when i stayed at a Guesthouse , i really love to talk to other kind of people that came from all over the world and asked them what are things like at their place.
  • To live my life  - While I am still young , good health and financially steady i want to just embrace the memory myself and share it with the love one in the future :)

How about you?

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